Paul McCartney Covers His Tracks

Spinner is reporting that Paul McCartney is readying an album of cover material with the help of some seriously special guests – including his son James McCartney, Billy Joel and members of KISS and The Cure. Trends looks back at McCartney’s recent scrobble activity in preparation of new material.

You have to go back a fair while for Paul McCartney’s last studio release – 2007’s Memory Almost Full. The album has proved to be hugely popular amongst listeners, with 1,139,395 total scrobbles so far making it one of his most played albums.

The as-yet-untitled covers album will see versions of a few Wings classics too. Their scrobble count of 1,620,680 pales in comparison to McCartney’s solo material, which holds 12,601,897 scrobbles.

Details of exactly which songs will be covered have yet to surface and it may be the case that some forgotten classics from McCartney’s back catalog see a re-work – something Trends will be on point to cover. We expect to see “Band On The Run,” “Live And Let Die” and “Mull Of Kintyre” make the cut though.

You can find out more details about Paul McCartney on his page.

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