Are Justin Bieber Fans Moving On?

There’s no doubt that Justin Bieber is going to be considered one of the success stories of the year, and he cemented that last night by taking home four Teen Choice Award gongs including Choice Pop Album, Male Artist, Breakout Artist and Music Star. But as Bieber’s star rises his fans have been looking elsewhere for fresh pop hits. Trends took a look at a few of the artists that Bieber’s fans are playing right now to see who could soon topple the star next year…

Jesse McCartney
5,813,546 plays (343,761 listeners)
Top Tracks: “Leavin’“, “Beautiful Soul“, “It’s Over

1,666,284 plays (210,398 listeners)
Top Tracks: “Replay“, “Solo“, “Replay

Jason Derulo
3,889,344 plays (292,658 listeners)
Top Tracks: “In My Head“, “Whatcha Say“, “Ridin’ Solo

Cody Simpson
46,064 plays (4,396 listeners)
Top Tracks: “iYiYi“, “Summertime“, “One

Bieber might not drop off our radar tomorrow, but Trends will keep an eye out for the artists happly to knock him off of the charts. It’s all based on the songs you really play at Find out how to make your plays count at now.

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