Taylor Swift’s “Mine” Keeps On Climbing

After twenty days on release Taylor Swift‘s “Mine” is looking more and more like one of the year’s classics. The video will drop later this week, accompanying a half hour ‘making-of’ special on CMT, and it’ll probably nudge the lead single from Speak Now even further up the charts.

The Last.fm Trends team took a look at your response to the song so far, to see exactly how well its been doing since its release among Last.fm listeners.

When we last checked in on “Mine” it had just officially dropped. That weekend it received a huge boost after the online Hype pushed it to the front of your playlists…

After which the track dropped off to a pretty stable number of scrobbles every day – numbering around 5-6,000.

That’s allowed “Mine” to pull in some 9,086 listeners in just a couple of weeks, and generate 120,990 scrobbles without a video to support it. Incredible numbers for the 20year-old Queen of country-pop.

With the video about to push it even higher we’d expect another spike in this weekend’s numbers too, and maybe bag a spot in the Last.fm Best of 2010 as she rises.

Remember, you can contribute to the charts every day by heading to Last.fm now. By downloading the free scrobbler you can get new music recommendation tailored to your tastes in your own personalized streaming radio station. Discover more at Last.fm.

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