Who Tops The Hall Of Fame?

Debate has been raging since the announcement of 2011’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees: Who deserves a spot?

Of course, one way of solving the question of who makes the cut is to use numbers – that’s where Last.fm Trends come in.

Last.fm‘s numbers come from the scrobbles of millions of listeners on hundreds of devices – from desktops to mobiles and anywhere in between. We took this year’s shortlist and boiled down a top five from the most-played artists at Last.fm.

Sadly heavyweights like Donna Summer don’t make the cut, but it’s likely that a few of our top five will find themselves inside the Hall of Fame pretty soon; the enduring popularity of Bon Jovi and Beastie Boys probably marks them as inductees.

But Tom Waits is the runaway success at Last.fm with 43,835,640 scrobbles from 846,066 listeners so far. Incredible love, for an incredible musician.

You can make sure your music counts by joining Last.fm today. By scrobbling your tracks you can get new music right away, and join one of the biggest communities of music fans around the world. Discover more at Last.fm.

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