Johnny Cash: CMA legend

© Martyn Atkins/American Recordings

It’s Country Music Month and to celebrate the team at Trends are taking a look at each of the CMA Entertainers of The Year in turn, building up to the big event on November 10th.

Today it’s the turn of the legendary Man In Black, 1969 winner Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash collected his award at what some regard as the peak of his powers. He released the multi-platinum selling At San Quentin to huge acclaim, following up on the success of a mammoth tour schedule and a little before he began broadcasting The Johnny Cash Show.

He released some strong singles too. Today at “Get Rhythm” regularly ranks among his top ten singles. Below you can discover the total scrobbles for those 1969 releases, as well as his all time top five.

Scrobbles are how you keep track of the music you play at They contribute to personalized charts and recommendations.

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