Kiss Angels With CMA Legend Charley Pride

Throughout October Trends will be taking a look at past winners of the CMA Entertainer Of The Year award to celebrate Country Music Month. Today it’s the turn of Charley Pride. Discover how his crossover smash “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” is doing today.

Charley Pride was a pioneering figure in country music. Setting aside his role as trailblazer for black performers in the late sixties, he set a model that country musicians have struggled to match since with the smash success of “Kiss An Angel Good Morning.”

The song became a top forty hit, while sitting high on the country charts in 1971 for five weeks. It’s no coincidence that in the year he won Entertainer of the Year he also scooped the Male Vocalist prize.

Today, Pride’s signature tune is still the go-to for fans around the world. It holds just a few thousand listeners more than his second best-loved track – “Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone” – but in terms of scrobbles it’s actually received half again as many plays.

At 41,452 it might not hold a candle to, say, Johnny Cash‘s rendition of “Hurt”, but it’s a number of plays that the likes of Luke Bryan have only recently surpassed, despite heavy radio rotation.

Remember, as Country Music Month rolls on you can get the latest news about past Entertainers of the Year at Trends. Meanwhile you can make the music you play count by joining now.

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