Radiohead Return Imminent?

© Jason Evans/EMI

British tabloids are reporting that Radiohead have been sighted returning to the studio. Earlier this summer the band confirmed that new material had been recorded, but that they needed time to review it before putting it out. Could now be the moment? Trends took a look at how their albums have gone down so far, to see what any new release has to compete against.

Radiohead could well be the biggest band in the world. On it’s a weekly battle to see whether they, Muse or Coldplay will take the number two spot in the artist charts (The Beatles cling on to the number one spot most weeks).

A new album could dominate the next twelve months, especially if they come up with another new release method.

It’s probably that very method that allows In Rainbows to lead their album chart at By releasing it on a pay-what-you-like basis it opened it up to hundreds of thousands of listeners who might not otherwise have given it a spin.

OK Computer comes in a very strong second place though. In fact, despite six million fewer scrobbles from listeners it’s actually reached more of you, scoring 1,339,529 listeners to In Rainbows1,205,074.

Among their more conventional releases it’s Pablo Honey and Amnesiac that bring up the rear. The former is still regarded as a bratty effort by many fans, not quite up to scratch as far as their catalog is concerned, while the latter by overshadowed by the stunning 1-2 of OK Computer and Kid A.

Safe to say that whatever happens with the new material it’s got a lot to live up to.

As news emerges be sure to keep an eye on Trends. It carries the latest news about what you’re really playing every weekday, with the numbers to back it up.

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