Lady Gaga Born To Win GRAMMYs

So big is the demand for Lady Gaga‘s latest single that you’ve got about 12 hours before “Born This Way” will be found playing on every radio station and every shop foyer in the world.

But Gaga’s back catalog has one hurdle left; winning GRAMMY Awards. And she’s probably going to do it in style. Trends finds out more.

With the expectation on new material so high, “Born This Way” couldn’t be complex, clever or sentimental; it just had to be big. Time will tell on whether Gaga’s pulled it off, but the first big test of the track’s power is likely to come on Sunday when she performs it at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Meanwhile six nominations still beckon for The Fame Monster and tracks “Bad Romance,” “Telephone” and “Dance In The Dark.”

“Dance In The Dark” is probably one of the stranger selection at the GRAMMYs. Its popularity flatlined a long while back, and the recent listening graph shows a steady decline in listeners over the last six months, in stark contrast to the likes of Rihanna‘s “Only Girl (in The World).”

And while that kind of thing is pretty common across Lady Gaga’s tracks at the moment, there’s simply no way she can’t have a successful year at the show; The Fame Monster has left far too big an footprint on the pop landscape.

The record’s picked up 22,825,548 plays from 714,975 listeners, a huge number of people for so new an artist. They contribute to Gaga’s total audience of 2,139,547, who have played her tracks 99,122,882 times. By the time the curtain closes at the GRAMMYs she could well have pushed into 100,000,000 plays, a figure so far only broken by 16 artists on including The Beatles, Muse and Radiohead.

Tune in to CBS at 8pm on February 13th to find out just how many awards she grabs at the GRAMMY Awards, and find out who else we’ve tipped for success at Trends.

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