Radiohead Bloom Into Chartbusters

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With the digital release of The King Of Limbs, Radiohead were always going to pull off something spectacular – but just how much do fans love their new tracks? Trends is following up on a few pre-release predictions, so read on to find out how the band has changed the game on

As we thought, the album’s tracks are at the top of our overall track chart, with Gaga‘s “Born This Way” trailing over 20,000 listeners compared to The King‘s least popular track “Separator”. Considering that last week there was a gap of only 1,761 listeners between Katy Perry and Rihanna for the top spot, their lead is impressive.

Looking at the top artists overall on, Radiohead have got that sewn up too: an incredible jump of 2,411,521 plays in a week means that their plays beat the The Beatles‘ by over 150% – the first time the Fab Four have been toppled off the top spot since June 2010, when Lady Gaga managed the feat for four weeks. We have a feeling this reign may last a little longer…

Learn more about Radiohead at their page. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the latest news in scrobbles every weekday.

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3 Responses to Radiohead Bloom Into Chartbusters

  1. ashlie says:

    I just think that users are more likely to be listening to a band like radiohead than to lady gaga. So it might not be as impressive as you think.

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