Bruno Mars Isn’t Getting Idle

Bruno Mars has just released the video for new single “The Lazy Song”, an ode to chilling out. For the third single from his debut album however, he won’t be resting on his laurels.

With two No. 1 smashes to follow, Trends is looking into his scrobbles to see how his new single may do.

“Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are” still show a clear lead in Mars’ weekly charts, but “The Lazy Song” is gaining traction. His top-heavy charts show the popularity of his singles, but he still has work to do with debut Doo-Wops and Hooligans to get his album tracks anywhere near their listenership.

Pre-single release, “The Lazy Song” is showing a strong Recent Listening Trend, but it’s got a way to go to match the 180,902 listeners of “Just The Way You Are”.

Keep an eye on Bruno Mars’ charts at his page. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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