The Strokes Still Dancing The Comeback Trail

The Strokes have just released a video for the second single from Angles, “Taken For A Fool”. Part of their comeback after five years, are fans still loving new material?

It was back in January that Trends last looked at the band’s scrobbles, and today we’re finding out how much a new album has altered their charts.

An initial peak caused by the release of single “Under Cover of Darkness” was followed by a bigger spike in listeners when Angles hit, with a befitting flurry of promotion including a Live on Letterman performance. Now however, weekly listeners appear to be returning to where they were pre-album.

They’ll be hoping that “Taken For a Fool” can create some buzz, and it appears that new tracks are holding their own against old, with “Under Cover Of Darkness” topping their weekly charts and reaching #3 in the six month chart above.

Keep up with The Strokes at their page. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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