Damon Albarn Forms Another Supergroup

Rocket Juice And The Moon is probably not a name you’re familiar with right now, but how about Blur and the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Damon Albarn and Flea have joined with drummer Tony Allen, and posted their first tracks online.

Today Last.fm Trends looks at their members’ scrobbles to see where they may be headed.

The graph above (click to enlarge) shows weekly listeners for Albarn’s other projects, and the components of Rocket Juice and the Moon.

The Good, The Bad & the Queen – themselves comprising members of The Clash and The Verve – provide a baseline for the graph, gaining around 5,000 weekly listeners. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 100,000+ listeners every week are unlikely to translate into any side projects, but Gorillaz have of course transcended their novelty to become more popular than Blur over the past year few years.

It’s too early to see any significant scrobbles for Rocket Juice and the Moon, but with plans for an album in the new year, we should be hearing studio versions of those live tracks pretty soon. With 2011’s supergroup SuperHeavy gaining 311,978 plays from 19,797 listeners this year, we’ll see if 2012 is as successful for Albarn’s new venture.

Make sure that what you listen to counts, at Last.fm. Meanwhile, Last.fm Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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