Drake Approaches Album Number Two With Caution

It’s the eve of release for Drake‘s sophomore album Take Care, and he’ll be awaiting his fans’ response. The record’s been subject to leaks, but will it harm his listenership?

Today Last.fm Trends looks into the state of his scrobbles to find out.

Drake’s weekly listeners have risen to break 60,000, but it’s scrobbles that show the true extent of the leak’s impact. A stark trend in the graph above (click to enlarge) shows weekly scrobbles rising from 150,000 to smash the 600,000 barrier in one fell swoop.

Last.fm‘s charts are based on unique listeners however, and they haven’t increased in line with scrobbles yet. Early adopters of new material have been giving it a fair few spins, but Take Care‘s official release should still be on course to reach a wider audience and push listener figures up further.

Learn more about Drake at his Last.fm page. Meanwhile, Last.fm Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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