Drake’s Progress

Drake has been premiering new tracks this week, at a performance during the Sundance film festival. He reached #59 in our Best of 2011 with less than two months’ worth of scrobbles for Take Care, but how has he been doing since?

Today Last.fm Trends looks at how fans have settled in with his latest release, even as he plans on new ones.

The graph above shows the last year, with Take Care‘s eventual peak of over 800,000 weekly plays clear to see. His plays are now down to around 350,000 per week, which is still an improvement over 2011’s average.

As for Drake’s charts, perhaps surprisingly none of his new tracks have yet made it to the top. Most popular is still “Best I Ever Had” with 2,771,300 scrobbles from 898,931 listeners. Comparatively, Take Care’s biggest track “Headlines” lags behind with 555,085 scrobbles from 58,284 listeners, placing it at #9 on his six-month chart. Despite an increase in overall plays, fans are still loving older material the most.

Learn more about Drake at his Last.fm page. Meanwhile, Last.fm Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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