All At Sea With The Hype Chart

Welcome to another edition of the Hype Chart, the place to find out the buzzworthy artists over the past seven days. Whilst last week’s chart saw sky-high Hype Scores topped by John Talabot, it’s an all-new top three this time around.

Read on with Trends to find out who’s made it into this week’s fastest-rising artists.

At #3 with a Hype Score of 810, Iranian-born Tooji is representing Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Competing track “Stay” has been scrobbled by 979 listeners over the past week, and is likely to grow in popularity in the run up to the May contest.

Norway contributes another hyped artist at #2, albeit with a very different sound. Indie-pop trio HighasaKite‘s tracks have been steadily gaining popularity since the release of their debut All That Floats Will Rain on Feb 3rd. Unreleased outside Norway as yet, they’ve gained an impressive Hype Score of 946 nonetheless.

The Nordic theme is broken at #1 however, by Californians Sea Lions. Their album Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask was released back in November, but a Pitchfork review on Valentine’s Day has brought them a whole heap of adoring fans. With a Hype Score of 950, it’s testament to the online magazine’s power.

Take a look at the rest of this week’s chart here. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the Hype Chart every Wednesday.

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