Andrew Bird Happy To Not Fit In

Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird’s sixth solo album Break It Yourself was released this week and further cements the musician as being in a mould of his own.

Speaking to Billboard about Bird not fitting in, Thaddeus Rudd of Mom + Pop Records stated that “It didn’t happen overnight or on the first or second record… Andrew completely fits that bill”. Trends looks at the scrobbles of a highly respected musician as fans start to digest the new record.

Andrew Bird arrived on the scene as early as 1996 with his debut solo album Music of Hair. Since then he has gone on to release a variety of albums ranging from live, collaborations and albums under the alias Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire (1,796,545 scrobbles)

It seems that releasing the bulk of his musical output as Andrew Bird has paid dividends, with his total scrobble count currently at 33,329,939. His most scrobbled album, with a huge 9,657,166 scrobbles, has been 2007’s Armchair Apocrypha. Tracks such as “Heretics” and “Imitosis” have been scrobbled 1,353,645 and 1,323,830 times respectively.

2003’s Weather System is largely regarded as his breakthrough album however with just 1,630,153 scrobbles it is his fifth most popular album amongst listeners. His last album, 2010’s Noble Beast, has faired much better, being scrobbled just under 5,000,000 times – surely giving Andrew Bird confidence that not fitting in with the rest of the music world sits just fine with his listeners.

You can find out more about Andrew Bird by visiting his page. In the meantime make sure to check back with Trends every weekday for all the latest scrobble news.

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