Discover Tag Of The Week: Stoner Rock

Rock and roll has intrinsically been about the energy and the drive behind the music, but what happens when you take that energy and give it a whole new dynamic? You end up with our Tag of the Week: stoner rock.

With over two million tracks to listen to on Discover, read on to find out which bands could be making your head bang with stoner rock Discover radio.

Heavily distorted guitar riffs litter stoner rock radio – more often than not played at a slow and hard pace, a style made famous by bands such as Black Sabbath and Kyuss in the 70’s and 80’s. Today, bands such as Belgium’s Drive Like Maria and Elvis Deluxe are helping to carry the stoner rock flag – with the latter’s bio stating a lifelong affection for 70’s-influenced stoner rock.

The Netherlands very own Astrosoniq take the fuzzy tone so often seen in stoner rock and apply a faster pace to the proceedings, whereas Russia’s The Grand Astoria add an almost British-sounding psychedelic influence with heavy use of phaser, tremolo and chorus effects on their infectious riffs.

Black Water Rising mix up stoner rock with a distinct southern rock feel on “Black Bleeds Through” whilst the vocals on “Visine” by Honcho show a clear nod to the stylings of Ozzy Osbourne. Both bands have a whole host of tracks to stream full length on their artist pages.

Head over to Discover now to explore stoner rock, and every other tag you could think of, for yourself.

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