A Hype Chart For Heroes

A new week brings a new Last.fm Hype Chart, the definitive marker of the fastest-rising artists over the past seven days. Last week saw London producer Airhead reach lofty heights, but can he hold on?

Read on to find out who Last.fm‘s users have been falling in love with this week.

In at #3 with a Hype Score of 1,652 we have Lightships from Glasgow, Scotland. Gerard Love of indie-pop band Teenage Fanclub has assembled a cast of musicians for mellow debut album Electric Cables, and tracks such as “Two Lines” have gained 1,602 listeners in the past seven days.

Last week’s chart-topper Airhead reappears at #2, with a Hype Score of 2,266. Breakout track “Wait” has actually increased in popularity, to reach 3,591 listeners this week alone – we’ll have to see if further material can match up to the buzz.

This week’s #1 spot is taken by College & Electric Youth, with a track already familiar to many. Originally released back in 2009, “A Real Hero” was brought to the world’s attention in 2011 as part of the pivotal soundtrack to the movie Drive, featuring in our Hype Charts last October. Now it’s been re-released as a single, gaining 4,725 listeners in the past week and a Hype Score of 2,855.

Check out the rest of the chart at Last.fm. Meanwhile, Last.fm Trends brings you the Hype Chart every Wednesday.

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