Flying Away With The Hype Chart

Bringing you the acts burning up the headphones of users over the past week, it’s time for another instalment of the Hype Chart. It was the turn of College & Electric Youth to take the top spot last week, but who’s measuring up now?

Find out the three acts on top this week with Trends.

CatCall, aka Catherine Kelleher, hails from Australia and hits #3 this week with a Hype Score of 1,110. A solo artist since 2007, blog buzz has been gaining momentum in the run-up to debut album The Warmest Place. Track “The World Is Ours” is punchy new-wave pop, and has gained 1,843 listeners in the past week.

In at #2 is London four piece Weird Dreams, who have seen scrobbles rocket since the release of debut album Choreography on indie label Tough Love. Specialising in wistful indie pop, “666.66” has proved a fan favorite with 1,580 listeners over seven days, contributing to a Hype Score of 1,130.

Moving up to take the #1 spot this week is last week’s number three, Lightships. The Teenage Fanclub songwriter is still winning over fans with album Electric Cables, holding a Hype Score of 1,260 for his second week in the top three. “Sweetness in her Spark” top his charts this week, with 1,673 listeners.

Check out the rest of this week’s chart at Meanwhile, Trends brings you the Hype Chart every Wednesday.

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