Fans Pay Tribute to Levon Helm

The tragic passing of Levon Helm yesterday has led to a resurgence of interest in The Band, the group that made him an icon of the music industry.

Helm and The Band changed the sound of American music for generations, so took a look at the classic tracks that fans are choosing to celebrate his life with.

Overnight, listeners for The Band climbed by 200%, a climb that has continued into Friday as more listeners tune in to hear Helm’s vocals on the group’s classic hits.

It’s also led to some emotive tagging from fans. Tags are words that listeners use to describe the music of artists on, and The Band’s tags have seen more words like awesome, classic and legends used to describe them.

The tracks that are really pulling in listeners though all boast Helm’s distinctive vocals. “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” and “Up on Cripple Creek” have both listeners flock to them, but above all it’s “The Weight” that has seen the most attention. To date the track has collected more than 1,120,618 scrobbles, each representing a full play from a listener on It’s by far the most recommended track of the group’s since the news broke.

Helm’s solo material has picked up a fair bit of attention too. Tracks across his career have seen a rise in listeners, in particular “Anna Lee” and “You’ll Never Again Be Mine,” which have been longtime favourites of dedicated followers.

You can see how fans react over the weekend on The Band’s page at

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