Discover Five Acts With… Ghostpoet were at the lovely Simple Things festival in Bristol on Sunday – a fantastic one-dayer spread across venues all over the city. Performing at the Thekla for was British wordsmith Ghostpoet and we were lucky enough to catch up with him to get his top five acts of the moment.


“Jazz trio from New York with a bassist keyboardist and drummer. What they’ve done over two albums so far is to create their own versions of popular indie, hip hop and contemporary songs and make their own versions of them in a jazz style. They do their own stuff as well – really cool band who just seem to be having fun with music which is what it’s all about.”

BadBadNotGood aren’t a bad place to start for Ghostpoet – the threesome have been scrobbled close to 500,000 times by users. Latest release BBNG2, released at the start of April, features covers of Kanye West and James Blake songs amongst their own original compositions.

King Krule

“Used to be called Zoo Kid. He mixes elements of hip hop, old dance/breaks and there’s generally a lot of interesting things going on in his production. Lyrically really interesting – a sort of mix between Joe Strummer and Tom Waits. Really interesting. Somebody that’s definitely in development that will be amazing in the future.”

Listeners seem to agree with Ghostpoet – King Krule topped the Hype Chart for two consecutive weeks late last year with the release of his self-titled EP. Although listener counts have decreased since then, King Krule’s total scrobble count of 289,208 hints at a very bright future.

Vex Ruffin

“American electronic punk artist. He makes his own, kind of sparse productions. Electronic computer based yet with punk elements. Really punky vocal delivery that I really love – so much attitude”.

Vex Ruffin was signed by his label Stones Throw in the most traditional of ways. A demo sent through the post was listened to by the label on the strength of the artwork and has led Vex Ruffin to a recent appearance at Coachella. With artists like Ghostpoet on his side, expect to see Vex’s current total scrobble count of 6,702  grow sooner rather than later.


“Album out called GX… or something. A word I can’t pronounce! Signed to No Pain In Pop – small indie label. Kind of dance/trance/tribal/electronic madness. Vocals really low in the mix that you can’t work out what he’s saying. He’s just making really out there music with a lot of feeling – not music made for the charts. Amazing composition and feeling, I really like what he’s doing.”

Let us help you there Ghostpoet. The album is called GLAQJO XAACSSO and it was released by No Pain In Pop, a label did a feature on not so long ago. Patten’s sketchy electronic sound has reached 7,260 listeners so far, with GLAQJO XAACSSO being scrobbled 59,519 times.

Submotion Orchestra

“Kind of a dub-step band… although thats a bit of a lazy description. They mix elements of dub, hip hop… almost pop in the vocal delivery and structure. Amazing live, she has an amazing voice and she’s backed by amazing musicians. I love that they are performing dub and bass music live, with real instruments. Really interesting stuff.”

Hailing from Leeds, this seven-piece band have been wowing audiences with their original performances. This has translated well into scrobbles, with the group bagging 365,950 of them to date. Their most popular track is “All Yours” – listened to by 270 listeners last week.

To find out more about Ghostpoet, visit his page. His album Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam is out now.

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